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  • Model Number: New
  • Brand Name: WXPYU
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Name: Groove French copybook,magic book
  • Copybook: Learning French
  • Suitable age: 3-8 Years old
  • 3D Copybook 1: 3D Copybook For Calligraphy
  • 3D Copybook 2: Numbers 0-10
  • 3D Copybook 3: Handwriting Books
  • 3D Copybook 4: Learning Math Writing
  • Style A: Russian Practice
  • Size: 190mm*130mm
  • Style B: English book
  • Style C: Spanish book
  • Style D: French book
  • Style E: German book
  • Style F: Arabic book

Can Write More Than 1000 Times

Copybook style: English/French/Spanish/German/Russian/Arabic

Features: embossed, reusable

Type: Children’s exercise book

Suitable age: 3-8 years old

Name: Children’s Magic Copybook

Material: white cardboard

Package includes: 1 books + gift

Gift: 1 pencil case + 5 refills + pen holding tool

This copybooks set is rich in content! It include 4 books:Alphabet, Math, Interesting Drawing, Number 1-100.

We used a magic writing pen. After writing for a period of time, the font will disappear and return to its original state, which can be used repeatedly.

Fun and practical:

3D three-dimensional groove design, these handwriting picture books can standardize the standard writing format, which is fun and practical, allowing children to use them in daily life to increase the fun: these magical calligraphy books have interesting graphic combinations, vivid colors and cuteness. The shape can enhance children’s memory and interest, bring them a lot of fun, and children can learn a lot from it

Repeat application:

With these automatic fading pens, the text on the book will automatically fade out after 10 minutes, which means that children can practice calligraphy with magic multiple times and no longer worry about making mistakes.


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4 Child English, 4 English books A, 4 English books B, 4 English books C, ancient poetry A, ancient poetry B, Arabic 1 books, Arabic 4 books, Chinese Cover A, Chinese Cover B, Chinese Cover C, French 4 books, German 4 books, Only 1 set pen, Pen control A, Russian 1 book, Spanish 4 books


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